Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer private sewing lessons?

Yes, we do. They are priced $65 per hour (each additional person is $20 extra per hour) You can choose your own project to make, or let us pick something for you suitable to your skill level.

Do you also have workshops and classes for more advanced sewers?

We have some fantastic classes for intermediate and more advanced sewers. You can always join one of our open project classes which caters to all skill levels from advanced beginner to intermediate and advanced level. We also offer classes for pattern making and block construction.

I don't have a sewing machine. Can I use one of yours?

Of course, you can. Just let us know at the time of booking that you require a sewing machine for the class and we reserve one for you, free of charge.

Can I bring my own sewing machine?

Yes, you can. It is best to learn sewing on your own machine, as that is what you will be using at home. Make sure you bring your machine's manual, especially if it is not a newer, standard machine.Always test your machine to make sure it is working before you come to class. If you have an older style, vintage machine and no manual, please make sure you know how to thread your machine when you bring it in. If unsure, just contact us.

I would like to join one of your classes but cannot find a date that suits me.

Don't worry. Most of our classes are listed regularly. Let us know and we will contact you with the next available date. If there is enough interest, we can usually run the class on a parallel date.

What do I need bring to the sewing workshops?

Most of the class description list everything you need to bring to your first class. You are welcome to use our rulers, markers, machines (please notify us in advance to reserve a machine) and pressing equipment. Some of our workshops even include a fabric or material kit.

We are a group of friends and would like to learn sewing together? Do you offer private group classes?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for pricing and more information. If your group is six people or more, we can offer the same prices as the group classes, plus an extra discount for booking with friends. Plus, you get to choose what you would like to make. Also have a look at our hens night page. We can offer the same packages to your group.

What is your policy regarding cancellations and missed classes?

Cancellation policy

To ensure that every student receives plenty of attention and opportunities to ask questions during the class, we make it a priority to keep our class sizes small. Classes also require a minimum number of students to run.

For that reason, your enrollment in the class is final and cancellations will forfeit the full fee. You can, however, transfer your place at that class to a friend or family member at no extra cost, just let us know.

So please double check your availability before making a booking as there will be no exceptions. If you do know in advance that you may be unavailable for a specific day of a multi-day class, please contact us prior to discuss. We may be able to accommodate you in an alternate class to make up for the missed class (this option is only available if confirmed at the time of booking.)

Missed Classes

We run small group classes, most of them sized between four to six students only. This means that our classes are usually fully booked. With prior arrangement (upon booking a class), we may be able to offer a make-up class at the teacher's discretion, given there is a space available in a parallel class.

However, we regret we do not offer make-up classes for missed classes in general, due to the small class size mentioned. If we did, we would have to change our business model to larger size groups, or significantly increase our prices to accommodate the extra students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Parties & Events

There is a set minimum number for each of our parties. A non-refundable deposit for the participant fee for the minimum number of guests is required to guarantee your spot for your desired date and time. Two weeks prior to the party, we ask that you confirm final numbers and pay for any additional guests that may attend, and confirm your chosen project. That allows us to purchase and prepare the required materials, book in any extra teachers, make samples, etc in order to ensure a smooth running and fun event for you. As we keep a time slot (event time plus time for set up and clean up before and after) exclusively for you and your guests, ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE.