"As an absolute beginner on the sewing machine, I really appreciated the technical nature of Natascha's instruction. I felt like I was learning to sew the "the right way", acquiring skills and techniques that I can practice and develop as my sewing ability progresses.

I was so astonished to make such a wonderful baby tunic and bloomers as my very first project! And a dress that I'll actually wear as my second project! Natascha is patient, caring and just lovely."

Jemaya Barlow

I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes. I was a complete beginner when I started this course with Natascha and now I can proudly say that I can make a skirt, a bag and pyjama pants and I can apply the knowledge I have learnt to other garments. Natascha is very lovely and a great teacher - she runs her classes in a very friendly atmosphere and the pace is determined only by how fast you wish to learn - you can go as slow or as fast as you like and Natascha will be there to guide you and help you at every step. Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my hands. It's very rewarding.

xxoo Maria

Natascha has a great way of explaining the techniques of the sewing machine and makes it really easy to sew. She took enough time explaining to each of us. Great!

I really enjoyed the warm and easy going atmosphere with some hot tea, cookies and some really nice chats :)

Thank you for such a lovely Saturday!


"Thank you so much for such a fun day yesterday. I couldn't stop raving to my friends last night! I've already recruited another sewing enthusiast."

Stefanie Chow

"Being a Beginner I wasn't sure what to expect, but Natascha's warmth and professionalism made me feel comfortable straight away. I highly recommend Natascha's workshops/private sewing lessons to anyone wanting to explore their creative side"

"The kids were so proud of me when I showed them my cushion".

Nicola Stern

The basic full day sewing course was a blast! I honestly didn't think I'd be able to create three things but I'm so proud of myself that I did. Natascha is a fantastic teacher, both patient and well prepared. She made sewing fun and was very encouraging.

She was also a lovely host and treated us to a lovely lunch and snacks throughout. Thanks Natascha for a great day. I look forward to using my new found skills in sewing; your course was well worth it.

Michelle Cheung

"Natascha's sewing class provides a fun and casual environment to learn an extremely useful skill. The informal environment means it feels less like a classroom, and more like a social gathering except you do get to learn, a lot! Natascha is a friendly and patient teacher who has an infectious love of sewing. Her small class sizes mean you receive highly personal attention so everyone can go at their own pace no matter what their sewing ability or experience is."

Jen McDermott

"Had a really great time in the beginners sewing class with Natascha.

A terrific kickstart for anyone who has never sewn before. Enjoyable, productive and inspiring.

In 5 weeks, accompanied by some lovely snacks and tea, we were guided through the making of some really funky stuff - a skirt, a handbag and some pyjama pants. Highly Recommended"

Leonie Cohen